Hip Flexors With Colin McCurdy

So, you are going about your daily routine when out of nowhere a little niggle in your back becomes a problem.

Suddenly picking the kids up becomes a painful activity, being sat down for too long brings pain to your back when you get out of the chair or sofa.

You haven't impacted your back in any way, yet the discomfort has become a constant thing. You want to get back to how it was before the constant reminder that something isn’t right.

So here for you are 3 super tips to help you achieve your pain free solution.

There is a muscle that connects your legs to your lower back. It is a large muscle called the psoas more commonly known as the hip flexior. As the name suggests, its main job is flexing the hip.

Due to all the time we spend sitting, the muscle is constantly flexed rather than being relaxed.

When you stand up the hip flexor is relaxing as you stand. However it remains tight due to our current lifestyle. This then pulls on your back because it is not relaxing. Which in turn is not allowing enough room for the hip to extend. This tends to pull your hips to tilt forwards. This is what causes your lower back to ache and hurt.

So the exercises you are about to see will help reverse the trend and bring you back into its natural position and return you to pain free movement.

1. Nice and simple, kneeling hip flexor stretch. Hold for 20-30 seconds if you have more time hold for longer.

2. Place your foot on a chair stool, anything that places the knee at a 90-degree angle.

Now take the arm on the same side as the extended leg above the head.

Now lean away from your extended leg. Depending on how tight your hip flexor is will determined how deeply you feel this stretch.

3. Kneeling/lying hip flexor stretch depending on how flexible you are.

Either standing of lying face down on the ground. Bend your leg towards your bum. Grab your ankle and pull your foot to your bum. This will stretch the thigh. Now lift your knee off the floor and this stretch now becomes a hip flexor stretch


Again hold for 20s - 30s of longer of you have the time.

So get going with these 3 top tips to help you on your way back to a pain free life.

If you know of anyone who would like my help get in touch and I'll fix them and you.

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