Part 1 Of Correct Posture With Colin McCurdy

This series of videos will give you an overview of posture good and bad and how it can and does affect our daily lives on a variety of levels.

In tandem with this information I will be giving some options to help you alleviate any postural issues that you may have and some simple things to change within your current lifestyle to help you feel better in mind, body and maybe your spirit too.

As you may or may not have realised the body is an amazing machine. We do something not right or we injure ourselves the body will adjust how we move or how we do not move. It could be something as simple as a cut on a finger. We consciously adjust how we do things so as to not keep hitting or knocking this injured place. If we damage let’s say a muscle the body will adjust how we move in order to reduce the load which the particular muscle used to take before the injury. It’s the body’s way of protecting itself from further damage.

The basic points I would like you to take from the first video is how to get a feel for what is good posture. What is bad posture and how to feel and see the difference in yourself and others around you. Loved ones friends or family.

When stood upright for good posture the following should be evident, your feet are facing forwards with feet parallel asif on a train track. Your first and second toes should line up with your hip bones as felt from the front not the outside of the hip bones. Your knees should be pulled back but not firmly locked, you should tighten your thighs and squeeze your bum. Now brace your abs as if ready to take a punch. Lift the chest slightly and squeeze your shoulder blades together as if holding a pencil. Now place your shoulder blades into your back pockets, If you don’t have any due to wearing a skirt just pretend fo he exercise. Now turn your palms so that they are facing forwards, your head should be facing forwards and feel like you are being pulled from the top of the head upwards.  The chin should be slightly tucked in as if you are trying to gain a double chin ;)

This will most likely feel very uncomfortable. This is where we should all be when standing and also when sitting. As I mentioned before the body adjusts very quickly and quietly to an posture we on a regular basis.  

Watch part 1 here