Part 2 Of Correct Posture With Colin McCurdy

Welcome back in today’s blog we are going to look at what things we do on a daily basis which prompts the body to change / adjust to compensate moving us into a bad posture which then becomes the norm. Along with various imbalances

 The body likes to be in balance and when it is not it affects the system in a number of ways.

We have a variety of imbalances around the body. We have Top to Bottom, Front to Rear, Left to Right, and Inside to Out. For example the inside and the outside of the leg.

Simple things that we do on a daily basis such as carrying a bag on a particular shoulder, working at a computer, sat a t a desk, driving to and from work or a driving job. We spend years at school sat at a desk. This all leads most of us to end up with poor posture.

 Now for those of you out there who get frequent headaches, stiff necks and shoulders, tight upper backs and shoulder pain. I’m going to suggest some things which you can do to help alleviate these issues.

After doing them for a while I am interested in how you are feeling after a period of time. Is it better, worse, the same?

The more feedback I can get the better I can help you guys and girls.

So to help with the afore mentioned issues I’ll need to get out of the chairs that you are in. Good.

Now set your feet straight with first and second toes line up with your hip bones. Tighten thighs and squeeze your bum muscles, brace the abs, lift chest and place shoulder blades into your back pockets. I have no doubt that this feels uncomfortable?? Wherever you feel tight is where you will need to stretch that are and tighten the muscles on the opposite side of the body, Which will start to  re-address the imbalances.

Do not forget about the head and neck and keeping everything in a straight line. Stand with the feeling of being pulled up from the top of your head. You’ll most likely feel that the chest shoulder area is tight this is due to the tightening of the chest and loosening of the back muscles to accommodate the poor posture.

Now in your rediscovered good posture you are going to perform some basic exercises to begin the process of adjustment. Start with arm circles going forwards first for 8 repetitions try and remain in the good posture while executing the arm circles. Now reverse the action and for another 8 repetitions. Tis will be followed by an exercise which will mess with your head. It’s all good fun. You are going to circle your arm son opposite directions one forward one backwards. Repeat for 8 repetitions. Now reverse the direction of your arms for another 8 repetitions.

Lastly return to the good posture position with palms facing forward and make large circles with the shoulders forwards for 8 then backwards for 8 repetitions. Also practice holding the good posture throughout the day for a round 10 – 15 seconds. Do this as often as you can in order to retrain the body to return to where it is supposed to be. Thank you for reading i’ll see you next time!


Watch part 2 here