Have you ever tried to lose weight and it just piled back on as soon as you stopped dieting? If you answered yes, then you are in the same category as millions of others that have been measuring their weight with a conventional scale.


The biggest mistake people make with weighing themselves on scales is that they do not know what they are losing. It could be water, muscle and in the most hopeful cases it could be body fat. Unfortunately, when most people choose the wrong diet that causes massive weight loss, body fat is maintained and water and muscle is lost instead. This is the main reason why millions of people pile the weight back on after stopping their diet.

Here at Sheffield Sports Medicine we believe that if you are not measuring correctly you do not know if you are maintaining, improving or getting worse! We are fortunate enough the have the latest and best technology to measure what is changing in your body. The Tanita MC-980MA PLUS is 1of 2 in the country with the other being in London that is used by Team GB. It is the most accurate Bioimpedence scale that tells us what your body is made up and in what quantities whether is it around your arms, legs or torso. We have helped thousands of Professional Athletes and Celebrities measure how their body is changing and then advise them on how to make it even better for long term sustainability.

The Tanita MC-980MA PLUS records data in 11 areas specific to individual body parts:

Body Weight

Fat Percentages specific to body areas

Body Water Percentage

Lean Muscle Weight specific to body areas

Basal Metabolic Rate

Body Mass Index

Bone Weight specific to body areas

Fat Mass specific to body areas

Percentage Visceral Fat

Water Level

Metabolic Age

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