You are Unique because of your DNA

Do you ever feel that you react badly to the environment, certain foods, types of exercise, get injured easily or recovery very slowly? Well all these outcomes are due to your DNA makeup! Genetically, there are the differences that we all see, such as eye and hair colour, but there are also the differences we don’t see, how we metabolise nutrients for example, the way we deal with toxins, how well we react to different types of exercise – we all interact with the environment in our own unique way. You and I are almost identical, but in our genes there are points of variation. The most common type of variation is called a single base change at a particular position – this variation is called a Single Nucleotide Polymorphism, or SNP for short (pronounced ‘snip’). These tiny differences in our genetic makeup define who we are and our uniqueness. HOWEVER, our genes do not tell the whole story, because they don’t work alone and they don’t determine everything about us.

Our genes interact with our environment, namely our nutrition and physiology. The DNA test focuses on two realms of genetic science - Exercise Genomics & Nutrigenomics. To put it simply, it tells us how you respond to exercise and food and determines what risks your body is in when the incorrect exercises are performed and the wrong foods are consumed. If you want to know how your body responds to the environment and you want to train at your best, eat the best foods for your DNA and recovery at the faster rate possible then the DNA test is for you. For a Limited Time Only, we are offering a FREE 15 minute Lose Weight for Good Consultation with of Experts. Spaces are limited as it has a value of £50. Click the button below to claim your FREE consultation.