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Dr Michael Lee

DPT, MSc [MSK Med], MSc [Sports Med], PgCert [MSK Sono], BSc (Hons) [Sports Sci], MSOMM, CKTI, CSCS, ASCC

Pain & Performance Consultant

Dr Michael Lee is an internationally renown keynote speaker and clinician. He boasts an impressive range of qualifications not to impress his follow colleagues but to truly understand how the entire body functions and to treat dysfunctions of pain and bodily problems that were once thought to be impossible. Dr Lee has successful treated thousands of patients including professional athletes and celebrities that have travelled from around the world to not only eliminate the dysfunction but to optimises performance.

Dr Lee treats a wide range of conditions from stroke, acute and chronic muscle, joint, bone and nerve pain, migraines, menopause, breathing difficulties, balance disorders and many more. He was the first clinician in the world to rehabilitate a now renown keynote speaker Dr Kate Allatt from Locked in Syndrome (Paralysis) to running in 8 months. This outcome was unheard of and an appearance on the BBC soon followed and he now appears on BBC Radio Sheffield as a Consultant. His expert knowledge in many specialist areas resulted with Dr Lee developing his own philosophy of assessment and treatment that he now teaches around the world to cure ailments that have become life changing. The patients reviews speak for themselves and he firmly believes that no one should settle for anything short of complete happiness in life. If you have a complex injury, chronic pain, or just not satisfied with how your whole body works, then Dr Lee would love to treat you and bring you back to your best. If you would like an appointment please click on the button below.


Treatments Offered

Active Release Technique


Diagnostic Ultrasound Scanning

Functional Neurology

Graston Technique

Injection Therapy

Myofascial Release

Neurolinguistic Programming


Prescription of Medicines

Shockwave Therapy

Strength & Conditioning