The Functional Movement Screen (FMS) is a grading system that evaluates movement patterns and identifies movement limitations, muscle weaknesses, asymmetries and instability. The FMS consists of seven fundamental movement tests that require strength, mobility and stability. These tests place you in day to day functional position where weaknesses and imbalances can become noticeable. It surprises many patients, even elite athletes when they are unable to perform these simple movements with good strength and control. We often find that they are compensatory mechanisms instead of efficient movements, which can lead to compromised biomechanics and injury.

The FMS test generates a score, that is used to highlight and target problems. This scoring system then indicates the most effective corrective exercises to restore normal movement patterns.

This test is ideal for weekend warriors and athletes, because by identifying weaknesses we can then highlights areas that require improvement. We monitor your FMS score to track your progress and identify corrective strategies that will be most effective to build up your strength and keep you performing at your best.