Here at Sheffield Sports Medicine we believe in the old saying that “Prevention is Better Than Cure”. This philosophy is applied to the health of all of our patients so that they can enjoy life to the fullest.


The Health Screening service aims to promote and maintain good health and wellbeing, therefore preventing disease and reducing the risk of disability. This service combines knowledge of the latest health promotion strategies from primary, secondary and tertiary care pathways. Routine testing allows patients to monitor how their body is positively responding to the health intervention. This would also in turn reduce the risk of developing future health problems. 


Our goal is to educate patients regarding their own health and what is required to maintain a healthy lifestyle. We endeavour to clearly communicate personalised, accurate health-related information to patients. This enables patients to learn about their own health issues and give them the capability to solve their health problems through their own initiatives.


We focus on preventing the following areas of disease:


    •    Cardiovascular Diseases (heart attacks and stroke)

    •    Cancers

    •    Respiratory Diseases (chronic obstructive pulmonary disease and asthma)

    •    Diabetes

    •    Obesity and Weight Management

    •    Mental Health