What are they? Why are they held? When are they held? Who are the patrons of the Invictus games? How can we help?

The Invictus Games came into existence after HRH the Duke of Sussex (Prince Harry) went to view The Warrior Games 2013 in The USA. He was so inspired by what he saw from these brave servicemen and servicewomen who had given all in defence of their countries short of dying.

He was inspired and the Invictus Games were born.

Loss of a limb or limbs and the effect of making major change to their daily lives. Yet unstoppable. To continue living and growing in all aspects of their lives.  With the injuries both psychological as well as physical. These games symbolise the strength and determination to continue living a full and active life. Getting support from fellow athletes and non- athletes to help them come to terms with what has happened to them and how they with the help of others like them to recover move forward and compete in sport be it for the first time or as former athletes getting back to sport. Sport being an excellent method of dealing with and moving forward after any major trauma. It gives you something to focus on, keeps depression and lethargy at bay. Competition is also a very valid part of sport. The comradery which comes with the game cannot and should not be underestimated. The rehabilitation support is also another positive factor of the games along with mutual respect after doing battle as it were.

Invictus which is Latin carried the meaning of Undefeated, Unconquerable. So when one looks at the logo it is very apt from the actions and feelings of all the participants. I Am Undefeated, Unconquerable.

The Games are held every two years and usually in what are seen /Known as Iconic cities to further grasp the hearts and minds of those who compete and those who watch this televised event around the world.

The Invictus Poem by William Ernest Henley himself an amputee is the inspiration for the name of these games.

How can we help?

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