Injured carer Richard walks again to target return to work

29 April 2016

Injured carer Richard walks again to target return to work

A Sheffield man who never thought he would be able to work again after severely damaging his knee is targeting a return to his job as a carer.

Richard Blackburn, 60, of Totley, was left unable to walk for almost three months and was forced to give up his job after suffering a cartilage injury in his knee on a flight whilst on holiday in Canada in July 2015.

Upon returning to the UK, former cross country runner and keen speed walker Richard underwent scans and tests at Sheffield's Thornbury Hospital, where he was given the news that he had severely damaged the cartilage in his right knee.

After being told he was too young for knee replacement surgery, Richard sought the help of Dr Michael Lee at Sheffield Sports Medicine and Physiotherapy.

Richard, who had suffered from persistent arthritis before his latest injury, said: "I had already been seeing Dr Lee for a shoulder injury I sustained three years earlier. I dislocated my shoulder after falling down a hole, and Dr Lee had been helping with my recovery.

"Dr Lee has been brilliant; he's provided me with excellent treatment and I will soon hopefully be able to do everything I used to do, including getting back to work."

Richards's rehabilitation included heat therapy, specialist exercises and a treatment known as Kinesio Taping, which involves the localised application of elastic tapes to ease pain, strengthen muscles and improve blood flow.

Following the injury, Richard began to put on weight due to his reduced mobility, and has targeted a return to his initial weight as an aim of his rehabilitation.

"I've been swimming, cross training and attending spin classes. I'm on a no-carb diet and I'm hoping to get back to my initial weight soon," said Richard.

"I used to do cross country running and I also enjoyed hiking and speed walking, but I haven't been able to do this following my injury. I also used to do a lot of heavy free weights in the gym, which I'd love to be able to get back into," said Richard who has now set his sights on caring again.

"I am aiming to go back to work, although it involves a lot of moving and lifting patients so I need to make sure I'm fit.

"I would be nowhere near as far on with my rehabilitation if it wasn't for Dr Lee, of that I'm sure."

Dr Lee said: "It's been a tough journey for Richard, but he's responded really well to all the treatment and his rehabilitation is going well.

"I'm confident that he will soon be able to do all the activities he loved to do before his latest unfortunate injury and get back to work as a carer."

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