Farmer’s life transformed after suffering 50 years of pain

A retired farmer who has suffered back with debilitating back pain for more than 50 years has transformed his life after just one visit to Sheffield Sports Medicine & Physiotherapy.
Since his late teens, Roy Wilkins, now 67, has lived with a painful twisted spine caused by a farming accident in 1964 when he was thrown from a tractor.
He was also diagnosed with Syringomyelia - a cyst in the spinal cord which causes numbness and severe pain.
Struggling with life and after visiting chiropractors for pain relief against medical advice, Roy decided it was time to take action and travelled 225 miles to MiTo Therapy.
Roy, who lives in Danehill, West Sussex, said: “I really pushed my luck for years as the chiropractic treatment could have paralysed me because of the manipulation involved. An operation to remove the cyst was also too dangerous, so I was really stuck and struggling with life.
“I found out about Sheffield Sports Medicine & Physiotherapy while chatting to a friend who I was staying with in Yorkshire. At the time I didn’t think about going for an appointment as it was too far to drive for each visit. But one day, I had to travel to Harrogate for a meeting so I stopped off in Sheffield on the way.”
Roy was treated by, Michael Lee, a specialist physiotherapist and sports scientist at MiTo Therapy, who has been nominated for personal trainer of the year at the 2013 National Fitness Awards.
Roy added: “Just one visit changed my life, physical and mentally. Most of the nasty discomfort has gone and I can stand up straight again.
“I thought the results from just one appointment were only possible after many visits. I think Michael is amazing. I have a round trip of 450 miles to see him but it is well worth it.

“Life can be all about ifs and buts. If I’d never gone to Yorkshire, I would never have heard about Michael.
“I’m now visiting him on a regular basis and my wife, Susanna, and son Richard, have also had appointments at Sheffield Sports Medicine & Physiotherapy for aches and pains.”
Michael Lee said: “I was quite surprised that Roy could put up with the pain for so many years. It's really rewarding to make a life changing difference in such a short space of time.”