Sweet dreams for Alan after 300 mile round trip to Sheffield physio

A marketing director who hadn’t slept properly for more than a year because of a debilitating back condition is finally getting a good night’s sleep after travelling 160 miles to see a physiotherapist at Sheffield Sports Medicine & Physiotherapy.
Alan Dyer took painkillers throughout the day and night to manage the pain in his lower back caused by Lumbar Spinal Stenosis - a narrowing of the spinal canal which leads to a pressure on his nerve.
After being diagnosed, Alan, 59, visited five different sports physiotherapists and an osteopath in his home town of High Wycombe, in Buckinghamshire, to try and manage the condition.
But after months with no improvement, Alan decided to return to Sheffield where he worked in the late 90s, to visit Sheffield Sports Medicine & Physiotherapy.
Alan explains: “When I was first diagnosed my GP said there was nothing they could do, it was just something I’d have to live with. But I’d always been an active person, regularly visiting the gym and swimming, and I refused to let the condition affect my life so I started seeing physios locally.
“They just didn’t seem to be getting results and I was still not able to sleep, the only place was I comfortable was in my car seat.
“My wife Jane is from Sheffield and her sister recommended Sheffield Sports Medicine & Physiotherapy so I thought I would give it a go. I’d tried everything so this was a last resort.”
Alan was treated by, Michael Lee, a specialist physiotherapist and sports scientist at Sheffield Sports Medicine & Physiotherapy.
Alan added: “I drove to Sheffield with the MRI scan I’d had when I was first diagnosed. Straight away, Michael was able to identify the problem and created a personalised self-management plan which included exercises and stretches to reduce the effects of the condition.
“I’m visiting Sheffield Sports Medicine & Physiotherapy for more treatment and, while there is still more work to be done, the difference it has made to life is incredible. I’m sleeping so much better and it was definitely worth the 300 mile round trip.”
Michael Lee, who is also a consultant to Leicester City FC, said: “The effectiveness of any treatment is dependent on the accuracy of the diagnosis. A prime example would be with Alan, that he has been with so many therapists who have diagnosed incorrectly therefore resulting in poor outcomes. His case is relatively simple, with the correct treatments, and this is evident with Alan now being able to sleep well after a year of pain.”