City jeweller shining again with help from top physio

A keen runner and managing director of an independent Sheffield jeweller is sparkling again thanks to a leading city physiotherapist.

Lucy Hulley, 44, of Millhouses, managing director of Lucy Imlah Jewellery, had suffered from persistent ankle problems for almost seven years following a serious injury.

Lucy had feared that she would never walk properly again when she injured her ankle while on a city break in Madrid.

However, after visiting Dr Michael Lee at Sheffield Sports Medicine and Physiotherapy, Lucy is back up and running again.

Lucy said: "I've never felt this stable. Because of the injury I'd suffered, I'd been overcompensating on my left ankle for years, and as a result there were muscles which I hadn't used for some time.

"It was sore at first but long-term, it's been incredible. Michael has effectively levelled me out, and I'm back moving properly again.

"I'd been told after my initial injury that my ankle wasn't broken, so I just rested it before starting to exercise again. It still didn't feel quite right and when I tweaked it again, I was in agony.

"It was only then that I went to hospital that I was told that it had been broken before, and after recovering from the second injury I then went over on my ankle for a third time, when I was in Madrid - so I got in touch with Michael.

"Within weeks I was feeling better, and after six months of treatment I'm back to how I was before my initial injury. I can't thank Michael enough, and of course in a strange way I'm hoping I don't have to see him again, as that would mean I've fully recovered."

Michael, whose patients include elite athletes, said: "Lucy's determination to completely recover from her injury has been paramount in helping me aid her rehabilitation.

"We've worked together to get her ankle back to the way it was before her unfortunate accidents.

"Thankfully, after some intense physiotherapy, including electrical acupuncture, she is now back up and running and moving freely again."

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