Physio treatment sticks for plasterboard professional Thomas

6 April 2016

Physio treatment sticks for plasterboard professional Thomas

A Sheffield plasterboard professional who suffered for almost two years with a debilitating wrist injury has been spared from surgery and two months off work thanks to Sheffield Sports Medicine and Physiotherapy.

Dry liner Thomas Nolan, 31, from Beighton, was diagnosed with Carpal Tunnel Syndrome in his right wrist in 2014.

The condition is caused by compression of nerves in the wrist and left Thomas in extreme pain, not being able to sleep and fearing an operation, which would have cost him eight weeks away from work.

Following advice from his doctor, Thomas was scheduled to undergo surgery in January this year.

But, just before the operation was due to take place, he visited Dr Michael Lee at Sheffield Sports Medicine and Physiotherapy.

Thomas explains: "I had just about accepted needing surgery which would have meant up to two months off work.  But then I looked online for someone who could give me a Cortisone injection to help relieve the pain, and I found Dr Lee.

"Michael explained to me that I didn't need an injection and the problem was coming from the opposite hip, which he treated, and to my amazement, the problems in my wrist significantly reduced.

"There is still more work to do as I have been overcompensating for years. Michael has corrected the cause of the injury rather than the site and this has reduced my compensation."

After his first treatment, Thomas' surgery was cancelled and the pain was almost none existent.

He added: "I've been visiting once a week for treatment. To be honest I can't believe how effective it's been. I was resigned to the fact that I'd have to have surgery and be off work for six to eight weeks.

"I'm not having half the problems I was before. I'm able to go to work. I do still get a bit of discomfort but it's nothing like before."

Dr Lee said: "I was really glad to be able to help Thomas fix his problem without surgery. Carpal Tunnel Syndrome is a painful condition triggered by compressed nerves in the wrist. It can cause pins and needles and aches and pains in the hand.

"Common treatments include splints and injections, but it is important to treat the cause of the problem rather than where the symptoms are. A detailed assessment of the entire body is important to find out how the whole body works. It can also be tackled with physiotherapy to relieve compression."

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