Are you struggling to mange your weight and stuck at the same weight for the past month? Getting the right nutrition into your body plays a fundamental role to not only staying healthy, but to reach the ideal weight so that you can feel confident and enjoy how your body feels and looks.


Nutrition plays vital role in supporting a healthy lifestyle and maintaining the feel good factor. For those that want to train harder and recover faster, correct food choices and supplementation can help you quickly adapt to training and aid recovery. Here at Sheffield Sports Medicine our Experts will assess your lifestyle and diet to your personal needs - not just down to calorie intake but to the foods that your DNA requires because we know that those that just reduce calorie intake will then pile the weight back on later when they stop dieting.

We will promise to show you how to unleash the power of food so that you can have more time to train, reduce the risk of illness, improve your confidence in relationships and help you recover and feel full of energy each and every day. Here at Sheffield Sports Medicine we have helped thousands of patients including Olympic Athletes and Celebrities reach their ideal weight and optimise their energy and confidence.

We work in 3 major areas:

  • Lifestyle/Sports specific strategies to help you cope with your daily demands and to help you reach the optimum weight for healthy living or sports performance. 

  • We assess how food positively reacts with your body and we advise against foods that may have adverse effects and slow down metabolism. 

  • We provide each patient with a personalised food and exercise plan to help them reach their goal. When personalised diet that is related to your needs and an exercise regime is combined, the impact on your lifestyle is unstoppable.

If you would like to find out what your body needs to function at its best, how to optimise your weight management and improve confidence click on the button below to book in a FREE Lose Weight for Good Consultation with one of our Experts! Consultations have a value of £50 so book today as spaces are limited.