The physiotherapists here at Sheffield Sports Medicine are experienced and experts in the field of running biomechanics and technique. We have local partnerships with running clubs and deliver lectures and seminars on improving running efficiency & economy, improving force production, prevention of running injuries and methods to optimise recovery.

 During the patient’s Running Assessment, our physiotherapist will capture a slow motion video of your running technique and look at your movement mechanics from head to toe, then remark on the areas of strength, power, flexibility, stability, and breathing efficiency. We will then highlight the areas of weakness and poor technique, to then devise a management plan of exercises and running drills that can improve you as a runner. We have seen many sprinters and endurance athletes smash their Personal Bests by following the guided drills and personalised exercise plan. You do not need to be an athlete to get a Running Technique Assessment, but you do need to enjoy the activities that matter to you most.