Do you have rip rawing pain that is unbearable, or do you pain that just keeps coming back for no rhyme or reason?


Well some joints and soft tissue fail to repair and continue to irritate causing incredible pain. An injection of a medicine is then required to reduce pain so that our Experts can then find out what is causing the dysfunction? We have injected thousands of patients and successfully reduced their pain. We’re different here at Sheffield Sports Medicine because all of our Experts are qualified in Diagnostic Ultrasound so when we perform an injection we know exactly where the medicine is going. 

Most commonly we inject Steroid and Local Anaesthetic to reduce inflammation and pain. For those that have Osteoarthritis, Ostenil is injected to reduce degeneration, reduce stiffness and improve movement. Many Athletes from around the world have been injected with Traumeel that is found to be the best anti-inflammatory for ligament, tendon and muscle strains because of its zero side effects.

Following an injection that is recommended by our Experts, this creates a window of opportunity to assess what is causing your symptoms. When we the treat the cause of the problem, future injections should not be necessary and your body will be more robust and more resistant to injury. We use the latest technology and most successful techniques that guarantees results. Our reviews speak for themselves and if you would like to know if an injection is what you need then enter your details below and one of our Experts will give you a call back.

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