Our Team pride Ourselves in offering an excellent service to our clients. Many HAVE TRAVELLED FROM Afar TO VISIT US, Read what a few of them have had to say…..

“I cannot recommend Michael highly enough. Over the last year he has worked extremely hard to get me back to fitness after surgery on my ankles and knee. Nothing is too much trouble for Michael and his knowledge and skill at injury rehabilitation and management has meant I have recovered from major surgery quicker than I ever expected and I now feel stronger than ever.

Michael goes above and beyond what you would expect and nothing is ever too much trouble. If you need a physio or a strength coach there is nobody I could recommend more.”

Chris, Sheffield

“Mike is so individualistic, patient centred and extremely knowledgable. In 6 weeks I was out of a wheel chair, in a further 6 weeks I was off Walking sticks completely.

He is a master of many specialisms from rehabilitation to conditioning to sports Physio to acupuncture. Mike is truly an amazing find and is the only 'other' man in my life (apart from my husband) who has been with me in this quite incredible journey of survival. Together, we are taking on the world, pushing boundaries, making history. I am his living breathing Curriculum Vitae!

I really cannot recommend him more highly. A unique individual who has made my life worth living again.” 

Kate, Sheffield


“Michael was able to quickly and accurately diagnose the reason I was suffering pain in my knee when running. He recommended a series of exercises in order to strengthen relevant muscles, which has stopped the pain. He also advised me on how to adapt my running style to help avoid future problems. 

He provided an expert service, was friendly and great value for money.” 

Dan,  Beckenham, Greater London


“I really pushed my luck for years as the chiropractic treatment could have paralysed me because of the manipulation involved. An operation to remove the cyst was also too dangerous, so I was really stuck and struggling with life.
I found out about Sheffield Sports Medicine & Physiotherapy while chatting to a friend who I was staying with in Yorkshire. At the time I didn’t think about going for an appointment as it was too far to drive for each visit. But one day, I had to travel to Harrogate for a meeting so I stopped off in Sheffield on the way.
Just one visit changed my life, physical and mentally. Most of the nasty discomfort has gone and I can stand up straight again.

I thought the results from just one appointment were only possible after many visits. I think Michael is amazing. I have a round trip of 450 miles to see him but it is well worth it.

Life can be all about ifs and buts. If I’d never gone to Yorkshire, I would never have heard about Michael.
I now visit him for an MOT on a monthly basis and my wife, Susanna, and son Richard, have also had appointments at Sheffield Sports Medicine & Physiotherapy for aches and pains.”

Roy, Danehill, West Sussex


“When I was first diagnosed my GP said there was nothing they could do, it was just something I’d have to live with. But I’d always been an active person, regularly visiting the gym and swimming, and I refused to let the condition affect my life so I started seeing physios locally.
They just didn’t seem to be getting results and I was still not able to sleep, the only place was I comfortable was in my car seat.
My wife Jane is from Sheffield and her sister recommended Sheffield Sports Medicine & Physiotherapy so I thought I would give it a go. I’d tried everything so this was a last resort.”

I drove to Sheffield with the MRI scan I’d had when I was first diagnosed. Straight away, Michael was able to identify the problem and created a personalised self-management plan which included exercises and stretches to reduce the effects of the condition.
I’m visiting Sheffield Sports Medicine & Physiotherapy for more treatments and, while there is still more work to be done, the difference it has made to life is incredible. I’m sleeping so much better and it was definitely worth the 300 mile round trip.”

Alan, High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire


"I have been using Michael as a Strength & Conditioning Coach and Physiotherapist for about 10 months. The initial aims were to get a bit fitter, lose some weight and run the Sheffield 1/2 marathon. All three boxes have been ticked to my satisfaction. I've lost about 2 stone, am fitter and stronger than this time last year and ran the Sheffield 1/2 marathon in May in a time of 1 hrs 49 mins and 41 s.

Michael is always helpful and enthusiastic. He fundamentally changed my routine in the gym to work on different aspects of fitness and keep things interesting and fresh. He's very approachable and easy to get on with and he has the ability to push you (in a good way) to ensure that you can develop your fitness. 

My recovery and treatment from my calf strain has also allowed me to experience his care and skills as a Physio - and again he gets top marks. So, whether its Physio work and/or a Strength Coach you are after I can recommend Michael. A top guy and a top coach"

Derek, Sheffield

“I'm delighted to have the opportunity to recommend Michael as both a Strength & Conditioning Coach and Physiotherapist. He is a highly qualified and skilful practitioner who gets results.” 

David, Sheffield

“Michael is an incredibly talented and professional practitioner. He has worked wonders on my injury, analysing in great depth my symptoms, and supporting my recovery through practical treatment and advice. He marries treatment with gym training perfectly, and he has taken me to a fitness level which has surpassed my expectations, (just completed my first half marathon). I have no hesitation in recommending Michael as a professional who can help and inspire.”

Brian, Sheffield


"Extraordinary in every respect! Michael has been as absolute lifesaver when conventional medicine has failed us and cannot thank him enough. His expertise, knowledge, professionalism, dedication and invaluable support know no bounds. Highly recommend, exceptional physio and would not consider using anyone else."

Paul, Sheffield