Have you had a pain that no matter what treatment you have on it, nothing seems to work? Well if that is the case, then an ultrasound scan is needed to find out what is structurally damaged in that area.


When most people think of Diagnostic Ultrasound they think of an Ultrasound scan of a pregnant mother to be. However, we use Diagnostic ultrasound to determine if there are any structural changes or damage that needs to be treated. This gives us the clearest picture of how to best treat you and eliminate you symptoms for good. We have scanned thousands of patients and delivered the most appropriate treatment that has given the best outcome for our patients. We understand that if we find no structural damage under Diagnostic Ultrasound and pain is present, then the problem is not structural but rather a neurological dysfunction. If structural damage is found, all of our Experts are qualified to deliver Ultrasound Guided Injections when needed.

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