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Joyce Lee

MChem, BSc (hons), MBDA, BABTAC, ABT

Specialist Sports Nutritionist

Joyce graduated with a Masters in Chemistry and Forensics from Loughborough University. She brings a vast amount of knowledge regarding the chemical composition of food and supplements for sports nutrition. Her interest lies in how performance is affected by nutrition and by the chemicals that are found in supplements. Her desire for optimal sports performance has been evident since a young age when she represented both Hong Kong and Loughborough University in swimming, with nutrition and supplementation playing a huge part in her successful athletic career.

She believes that diet plays a vital part to our health and wellbeing being and as an avid food lover she strongly believes food can also be enjoyed. Joyce finds that dieting has been portrayed as giving up something you love but dieting can be much more of a nuanced. It is important to express that the reaction to food can differ between individuals therefore testing and planning a persons food is paramount to reaching their goal whether it is losing weight or optimising performance. Joyce would love to share her passion of the benefits of finding the correct food that fits your unique digestion process and how this can improve not only your health but also you performance.